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An exquisitely looking dress with beautiful detailed embroidery, overall this picture is captivating, but there are some points of crit...

Before placing my critique I'll just tell you this: "This poem was simply breathtakingly beautiful and painful at the same time." Here ...

by Aitheos

To start off, I’d like to tell you you’ve done a great job. So don’t let my critique make you think otherwise. Now for the critique: :bulletgreen: ...

by Aitheos

A little bit of stubble would do him justice, he looks a bit too smooth right now. He's not the most hairy lad around but he does have ...



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My devious family/friends/minions/pets

The Special Few

LegendarySuperman - My paranoid, super powered brother.
shehrozeameen - My brother from an other mother!
divine--apathia - My unborn child of sorrow.
Griever4Leon: - My robot butler.
Erysne: - My fierce three headed hound.
MorbidiaDrekk - My devious mother.
CatsEyeNebula NebbyMeow - My fluffy fluffed up cat :meow:
SadistSkunk - My pet skunk, may spray when approached.
Pokey-Bunny - My mischievous bouncing bunny.
Coffee--Pot - My cousin, the crazy cat lady! Beware her cat flinging powers! :noes:
FAlLURE - My very first boyfriend :eyes:

Would you like to be immortal? 

20 deviants said No
16 deviants said Yes
12 deviants said Nobody wants to live forever :paranoid:

My favourite song(s)/artist(s) of the moment.

...You rendered me
My feet part
Of the floor

I would that you
Spoke with no words
Like paper cuts they hurt...

...Tomorrow will come, another day to survive
Into this we're thrown, feels the world has conspired
You say that you want more than anything to be here by my side
Well you're not here now, that's when it counts

So when you've tasted honey, can it ever be sweet
When you've held a diamond in your hands and you've known such luxury
When you've kissed an angel and held her 'til she breaks
Tell me now what's more real than this moment

To you I'm just a stranger, have your eyes grown so tired
You say than I'm the answer when the truth is I'm on fire
So when will you come, when will you release me from this spell
How do I compare with everyone else...
As tagged by the lovely Mrs-Durden, and late to the party as ever,
I shall now share the Daily Deviations, my #DDHighlights starting from the year of my account creation,
and awarded on the day of my own birthday. This will feature deviations that have made me think,
wonder, or have somehow just left a lasting impression on me.

16 September 2009

TOUCH ME by notmystyleFollow the Yellow..... by photofrk77

16 September 2010

vielleicht. by musicandphotography Caughtin the helium of a night
where constellations ignite
the blood-spattered atrium
of a late summer's sky,
I find myself a comet
shooting the urban grid
in an urgency as I race
a suicidal rim on two wheels
in the blackness between the fires,
my red-shifted thoughts crossing
light years out-of-body
and outliving me
till the awareness of you
slingshots me at Mach speed
to await your arrival
long before it happens,
caught at the last light
so close to my destination,
inhaling the danger of you,
where to idle the demon
begs disaster, even if the
interlude proves a watershed –
by Neptune's light, I will
wish to death I had run the red

16 September 2011

For the magic of books by Bucikah0629 by ScENeYmE

16 September 2012

My dreams fly over black water by olivier-ramonteuSWEET NIGHTMARE by puken

16 September 2013

Postcard from NY 17 by JACACWhite Mourning by Seojinni

16 September 2014

John Taylor by blazewuChasm Crossing: Guardian by Ilkyra

16 September 2015

Alan Moore by BengternChosen of the moon by Daraya-crafts

Care to share the Daily Deviations that have struck a chord with you?


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