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An exquisitely looking dress with beautiful detailed embroidery, overall this picture is captivating, but there are some points of crit...

Before placing my critique I'll just tell you this: "This poem was simply breathtakingly beautiful and painful at the same time." Here ...

by Aitheos

To start off, I’d like to tell you you’ve done a great job. So don’t let my critique make you think otherwise. Now for the critique: :bulletgreen: ...

by Aitheos

A little bit of stubble would do him justice, he looks a bit too smooth right now. He's not the most hairy lad around but he does have ...



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My devious family/friends/minions/pets

The Special Few

LegendarySuperman - My paranoid, super powered brother.
shehrozeameen - My brother from an other mother!
divine--apathia - My unborn child of sorrow.
Griever4Leon: - My robot butler.
Erysne: - My fierce three headed hound.
MorbidiaDrekk - My devious mother.
CatsEyeNebula - My fluffy fluffed up cat :meow:
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your-first-boyfriend - My very first boyfriend :eyes:

Would you like to be immortal? 

17 deviants said No
8 deviants said Yes
5 deviants said Nobody wants to live forever :paranoid:

My favourite song(s)/artist(s) of the moment.

...Two feet standing on a principle
Two hands longing for each others warmth
Cold smoke seeping out of colder throats
Darkness falling, leaves nowhere to go...

...He said really I just want to dance
Good and evil match perfect, it's a great romance
And I can deal with some psychic pain
If it'll slow down my higher brain
Veins full of disappearing ink
Vomiting in your kitchen sink...

An apology

Mon Jul 27, 2015, 7:02 AM
Hello everyone,

I would just like to take a moment of your time as to issue a formal apology to each and everyone of you.
"Wherefore, you may ask?" To that question I'd simply reply: My sudden drop in activity and comments.

Though as some of you know, and some of you do not yet know.
I'm currently in a bad place, this due to personal stress, work stress, and the general loathing of myself, who and how I am.

I guess I was due a time of darkness, for too long have I hidden and ran from it all.
How do you tell someone that the only feelings you are actually capable of feeling are loneliness, sadness, and an utter state of grief and helplessness?
There's only hoping that I can find answers and acceptance, love and compassion, and grow to be capable of living fully, instead of running as I always do.

So, I apologize to everyone whom I owe comments and love to.
Know that I in the depth of my heart care a great deal for you all, and I only hope to give back the love you guys and girls give me.

PHB out, indefinitely.
I may or may not still leave comments at my leisure... if I can permit it.


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