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Destiny(The Game)... 

9 deviants said I live under a rock, what's Destiny? :confused:
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Journal Entry: Thu Sep 4, 2014, 10:44 PM
1. For each of the 20 first people answering this journal,
I will put their avatar and the 5 deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!

2. If you're featured, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place.
The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

Ocarina of adventure time by SadistSkunkDeer by SadistSkunkFree_Marowak JournalDoll by SadistSkunk
Lil Tanuki by SadistSkunkPractice by SadistSkunk

nyanscarf by MasterPlannerelements of harmony by MasterPlannerhel lokitty by MasterPlanner
Wheatley the Artist by MasterPlannerKirkplushie by MasterPlanner

Shiny Swadloon by OperiaThe Heck Is This?!? by OperiaFree Avatar: Shiny Charizard by Operia
Helioptile by OperiaRS: In The Light Of The Moon by Operia

UntitledFallen my heart
Two loves on my mind
One taken by another
The other slowly breaking me
The first will talk
Making me feel like the only one
The second never calls
Leaving me always wondering
But still my heart longs for both
Will I choose or be alone
The first cannot be who I want
His heart belongs to another
The second I know not his heart
I see not if his heart is mine
My choice is made
My heart is sure
Though my mind has yet to see
I will never have the first
But perhaps that is how its meant to be
The second steals my breath away
What can I do to prove my love
LostHow can I do it
What can I choose
To stay completly true
Or give in to pleasure
Give all my soul
Withhold the truth
Lost inside this winding maze
Conflict tears my heart
Love for one
Lust for two
What can I do
Which way to choose
SkyBlue and white lay there
Beyond our reaching hand
It continues on

LostI feel so lost
A fog clouding my vision
But at the same time
Everything is crystal clear
Should I go
left or right
forward or backwards
My life seems to have no direction
I don't know if I want to have direction
I don't know what I really want
No one knows how I really feel
Unless they take the time to understand
It hurts to know not everyone cares
But its good to know that now
Instead of later
Tears fall down from eyes
But I can't do anything to stop them
Even when I fall asleep the tears still fall
Every night falling asleep in tears
But no one knows why I cry
I wish I could stop crying
My head hurts from crying so much
But it seems I can't stop now
Hopeful I can someday
My heart can heal
So these tears can stop
And I can figure out which way to go
To find the place where I am happy
No longer lost in this never ending circle
FreeQuestions rage so fast I can’t keep up
My mind holding on too tight
I can make sense of the things I see
Please help me so I can be free
The truth can set us free
Tell me the pain I can see
Please set us free
The lies have all caught up
The truth buried so deep
Can we even find it now
Please help me so I can be free
The truth can set us free
Tell me the pain I can see
Please set us free
Truth is in the deepest place
Found with light and love
Trust me and I will find a way
Please help me so we can be free
The truth will set us free
Tell me the pain I can see
Please set us free
The fault is mine
I see the pain but can’t define
The things I need to hide
Please help me so we can be free
The truth will set us free
Show the pain no more to hide
We are free

Olafur by FinngualaThis Is My Serious Face by FinngualaJohnny Cash by Finnguala
Lord of Dreams by FinngualaSummary Of Art 2013 by Finnguala

Trafalgar Law by ShadowWhisper446Majora's Mask: Skull Kid by ShadowWhisper446Byakuran Sketch by ShadowWhisper446
Floating Pikachu by ShadowWhisper446Majora's Mask: Good Guys by ShadowWhisper446

Generation of Fixationsilicon chests and plastic faces
anorexic bodies with rhinestone graces
all the wrong shines in all the right places
something's got to give.
hundred dollars shirts from brand-name no ones
the next generation of overpriced reruns
a war for your mind by incorporated shoguns
something's got to give.
hourglass figures flip like reciprocals
and time is up for the stark atypicals
man-made symmetry brought by ellipticals
something's got to give.
high school parents with a new carnation
damned is the scion to the big fixation
I want to live but for my salvation
something's got to give.
I Let the Devil InI know the kiss of avarice
I know the face of lust's embrace
my sinfulness can bring me bliss
but in the case gods gives me chase
I jump the pews to fake my grace
and I pretend to hold chagrin
and when I leave the holy place
I sit and revel in my sin
Here with me is a tasty feast
I sit beside my food and pride
walking snide near me a priest
His cocky stride and ancient guide
leave me alone as I reside
among the fried foods and begin
to consume what food I've supplied
I sit and revel in my sin
I beat a man with savage force
remorse was not found in my soul
I left him like a ravaged source
of cheap abundant needed coal
he hit my wife and from me stole
my mercy when I struck his chin
While I'm in jail without parole
I sit and revel in my sin
I am a man who will descend
6 knocks- I let the devil in
I greet him as a distant friend
We sit and revel in our sin
Pandora's Heart-Shaped Box            I met a woman who, for the sake of privacy, will be called Pandora. She was a kind young woman with generally good intentions. Her lies were frequent and easily discerned from truth when presented to a liar such as myself. The only way she could get away with them is if I turned one eye to what she called the truth and the other blind. Pandora was a good friend and always worth my time- she and I would spend time close on my bed and chat about the stupid things on television.
            The day came when I finally found the courage to ask her what always seemed to bother her, and though I do not recall her exact words, I do recall that she denied any burden or bother upon her head. I pressed gently and assured her that I would not judge no matter the answer so long as it was the truth, and she squeezed my hand and pointed to a small box resting on her vanity table. I asked her,

Alcoholic (Free Verse)you spilled into my arms like red wine,
staining my chest with a divine
intoxication,leaving me inebriated and
reaching for your hand to help me up
for I stumbled tripped and fell
somehow I'm drunk now.
how delightful this experience
yes I keep drinking
practically inhaling
every moment and drop I can get to
reaching for the bottle
like the alcoholic I am
addicted to you.
but I'm hungover now
as it always ends
you're nowhere to be seen
and I can't even think.
Wishing for a RequiemNow I lay me down to sleep
As I hug the empty space
Opened eyes watch shadows creep
Close them and I see your face
The sandman’s call I do deny
I know in time I will succumb
The crickets sing a lullaby
I wish it were a requiem
Now I lay me down to sleep
Next to where you used to lay
A place for you I still do keep
Even though you've gone away
The blanket does not stop the chill
I think my toes are turning numb
Insects sing from the windowsill
I wish it were a requiem
Now I lay me down to sleep
Waiting for the end to come
I hear my sobbing as I weep
I wish it were a requiem















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Before placing my critique I'll just tell you this: "This poem was simply breathtakingly beautiful and painful at the same time." Here ...

by Aitheos

To start off, I’d like to tell you you’ve done a great job. So don’t let my critique make you think otherwise. Now for the critique: :bulletgreen: ...

by Aitheos

A little bit of stubble would do him justice, he looks a bit too smooth right now. He's not the most hairy lad around but he does have ...

by farand

Short but sweet, I like the fact it's still pretty open to interpretation. Short stanzas whom compliment each other due to their shortn...


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