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There’s much to be said about Paris, that which was mentioned in the title might be true in all sincerity, it’s not at all the only thing there is to be said. 

It’s a city that breathes history.. That lives in artistic manners. The many museums make up for a major part of this.


My trip there with my wife was no different, we’ve tasted the food, experienced the romance. Absorbed the history and basked in its utmost artisticity.

What will follow is a short description of our journey to Paris.

The Louvré, the artistic heart of Paris, the centre of expositions, shows and gatherings. Ranging from sculptures to paintings, bronze, ceramics, anything you can truly imagine as being art is represented here. With its many wings this was a place that truly took time to explore. Tiring, but worth it. The glass pyramids contrasted beautifully with the old architecture surrounding them. A must see and visit for all art lovers.


Père-Lachaise, the cemetery. A tranquil place, where history and greatness lay down for their final rest. The graves of Honoré de Balzac, Eugène Delacroix, Frédéric Chopin, Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde are but a few of the great historical figures that grace this cemetery with their presence. We’ve payed tribute to the last three mentioned, due to a lack of time. Not to mention that the cemetery is just too big to visit every single famous person’s grave there.


Hôtel des Invalides, or perhaps better known as Dôme des Invalides. The great emperor Napoleon Bonaparte’s final resting place. Underneath a grand dome adorned in gold - fashioned during the time of Louis XIV(The sun king). A majestic building in all it’s perhaps simplicity but not at all modesty. It’s grandness radiates down upon you as you enter the building, you are but reduced to an ant, humbled by greatness.

Though Napoleon might be the main person of interest, the Dome also contains the graves of his son, l'Aiglon, the King of Rome, his brothers Joseph and Jérôme Bonaparte, the Generals Bertrand and Duroc, and the two famous marshals of the first half of the 20th century, Foch and Lyautey.


At but a short walk from the Dome, we found the museum dedicated to Rodin. Its beautiful park filled with sculptures of the famous Rodin, and the ‘mansion’ was no different, though perhaps a bit hot, the temperature inside the museum was much too hot, at least for our standards. Inside the museum were several dedications to Rodin and one of them was a painting by Van Gogh. A place one must visit if interested in Rodin and the impact he had on sculptures around the globe.

One of our most memorable visits for both me and my wife would be our visit to Versailles.

Louis XIV’s retreat, gardens, and all by all extravancy. A place so adorned so majestic, that it can’t help but make you fall in love with it.

The symmetry in the gardens was a joy to my perhaps tad bit neurotic heart. The downright decadence portrayed in the vast amount of paintings, sculptures, curtains, furniture, mirrors and chandeliers was breathtaking. Louis XIV, vain as he may or may not have been, the many portraits of himself adorning the domain left little to the imagination. A great man no doubt, at least in some ways. One way more liked than the other. The domain of Versailles also host the ‘petite’ house of Marie Antoinette, a house made by the orders of Louis XIV, to signify his love for his wife. It was a ‘humble’ abode but it was as a bouquet of flowers, she deserved it and much much more.

I myself couldn't see myself living in such a grand place, I fear I might just become paranoid. But all by all this was the highlight of our visit to Paris.

A place truly majestic, breathtaking and simply drop dead gorgeous in all ways imaginable.

Alas, these are but a few of the things my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting, seeing, feeling and experiencing in lovely Paris.

I feel talking about every single one of them would make this seem like an essay on Paris and that’s not at all the idea.


So thank you for reading, this will be all for now. :highfive:



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