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How a vast solid rock, can turn into numerous little pebbles.
Pebbles, cast into the sea,and how ripple by ripple it transforms reality.

How life is a record studio,
and we a movie who's been set to motion a long time ago.

And how do you justify your devotion,
The willingness to go on, to go forward, untill death shouts "Cut"
An abrupt ending of this adventurous film.
Where every scene still needs to be filled in with
background speakers, flowers, and wall decoration.

And then when only our head is a sunken vessel,
filled with the useless things we came across.
And our hopes where already tossed.
Is it than that we realize, what we have lost?

Is it so, that you find the strenght to go on,
to rely fully on your own devotion, to keep the film rolling,
and the captured images in motion.

Are we not like a solid rock, who can turn into numerous little pebbles,
little pebbles who can make the vessles on the ocean rock?
And is it not so, that we posses the strenght, to bend, to imagine, to dream and to break.
and carve our way to our very own reality? When our future is at stake.
Hope you like it.!

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Submitted on
November 20, 2009
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