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Mesmerized by your eyes.
And forever captivated within your gaze.
You lift away my troubles and clear away the dusky haze.

You a creature of such perfection.
Ready to win every election.
But use it? You will not.
For you do not long to corrupt,
Nor do you wish for things to start and rot.

How silently you fade onto the background,
So that history can tell other things than the flawless perfection of you.

For the thoughts about you over-run my mind.
I can not comprehend, nor can I understand,
Such a being like you holds my hand.

Yet today you still hold me in your never ending embrace, Warm and safe.

No matter how great the distance,
You render me into a state of love-craze.
Free to wander my own personal maze.
For my life seems now only nothing more but a phase.
A step of evolution that you long ago took.

You my heroin, my goddess divine,
You bewitch me body and soul,
Let us forever intertwine.
Love you sweety!!!!

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Submitted on
November 26, 2009
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